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Airport Road Storm Damage Repair Project:

Bid Date:  9/21/2018
Engineer's Estimate:  $347,000
Job Summary - The Work to be performed includes tree removal, slide debris removal including fallen trees, clearing and grubbing, culvert excavation, removal of an existing 18" corrugated metal pipe under Airport Road, installation of a new 18” reinforced concrete pipe, installation of underdrain system and permeable material, structure backfill, installation of rock slope protection, roadway excavation, installation of drainage inlet, installation of rolled erosion control product, placement of a new structural section, asphalt dike, asphalt paving for roadway and gutter, and striping work. The roadway will be closed for the duration of this Project with a detour in place. Other items or details not mentioned above, that are required by the Contract Plans, Standard Plans, Standard Specifications, or these Special Provisions must be performed, constructed or installed.
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River Bluff Regional Park Lower Terrace - Phase 2:

Owner:  City of Ceres
Bid Date:  9/25/2018
Location: Ceres, CA
Job Summary - The work to be accomplished under this contract includes the furnishing of all labor, materials, tools, and equipment for the development of approximately 17 acres of a retired orchard to stormwater basin, including restoration, multiuse trail and non-motorized boat put-in as part of the Tuolumne River Parkway. The project shall be completed in accordance with these Contract Documents and in satisfactory operating condition, to comply with all requirements to allow its use by the Owner for all purposes intended thereby, as shown on the drawings and/or as specified herein.
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CMAQ Westerly Bike Path Connection:

Bid Date:  9/25/2018
Engineer's Estimate:  $1,100,000
Location: MERCED, CA
Job Summary - The work to be done consists, in general, of the removal of existing asphalt and concrete bike paths, the installation of new concrete bike path, subgrade preparation, clearing and grubbing, 90-foot truss bridge, railings, signs, tree removal and planting of new trees all within the City limits of Merced, Ca.
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