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Owner:  Federal Highway Administration
Location: Meeks Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA.
Project Documents: Click Here
Job Summary:
Class 1 Bike Path Construction

South Tahoe Greenway Shared Use Trail Phase 1B & 2 Project:

Owner:  Department of Transportation
Location: El Dorado County, District 5
Project Documents: Click Here
Job Summary:
Construct a Class 1 shared use trail, includes a 10 FT wide paved path with 2 FT aggregate base shoulders, precast concrete boardwalk system, tubular steel railing, and a prefabricated bridge over Trout Creek, clearing and grubbing, tree removal, excavation and grading, asphalt concrete paving, drainage improvements, bridge abutments, signing & striping, pavement markings, re-vegetation, dewatering, traffic control and erosion control.

CA FLAP NEV 40 Donner Pass Road:

Owner:  US Department of Transportation Federal Highway
Location: Nevada & Placer County
Project Documents: Click Here
Job Summary:
Restoration, Resurfacing, and Rehabilitation (3R+) Widening, Grading, Drainage, and Asphalt Concrete Pavement

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